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The Team

Metanoia Art Studios is a dynamic and innovative art team formed by Earl Kelly II and wife AnnaLee LeNoir-Kelly in 2016. Their overall skill sets include: Stage Design, Large Scale Installation (Design & Fabrication), Art Gallery Curation (Design & Build), Interactive Art Exhibits (Design, Build, Operation), Art Direction, UX Design,

Earl specializes in CAD/CAM, Projection-Mapping, Programming, LED/LightingMicrocontrollers, Creative Direction.

AnnaLee specializes in WoodworkingGraphic Design, Sculpting, Photography, Set Design, Painting, Conceptualizing, Performance Coordination,

​METAnoia ART has participated in several festivals and events since its inception including  Sonic Bloom (CO) 2018/2019/2022/2023, Gem & Jam (AZ) 2017/2018/2020/2023/2024 Arise 2018 (CO), Resonance (OH/PA) 2017/2018/2019/2021, Backwoods (AR) 2017/2018/2023/2024, Secret Dreams (OH) 2022/2023, Rootwire 2018 (OH), Pass The Good 2017 (FL), Fractal Beach 2018 (FL), Solasta Festival 2017 (TN), Kinnection Campout 2016/2018, Deep Tropics (TN) 2017/2019/2021, Summer Camp (IL) 2019, Infrasound (WI) 2019/2023, Wakaan (AR) 2019/2023, Quasar (TX) 2019, Otherworld Encounter (TN), Otherworld Encounter v1.2 (GA), PlayThink (KY) 2019, as well as many more regional and local festivals, exhibits, and events. 

Among their list of accomplishments, the highest ranked would have to be conceptualizing, building, and operating a 10,000 sq ft Interactive and Immersive Art Exhibit that ran for 8 weeks in total in both Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA. Metanoia Art and the Otherworld Collective drew national attention with over 5,000 visitors to the experience during it's short run.

Earl also has a permanent interactive installation at a children's hospital in Pittsburgh, PA for which he was project manager and lead designer.

Simply put, Metanoia Art Studios offers a fresh and unique approach to seamlessly integrating creative art into any style of festival or event.


AnnaLee LeNoir-Kelly

Earl Kelly II

Past Works



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